Who We Are

A social impact enterprise, non-political, non-partisan organization focused on developing and driving sector based technology and innovation initiatives for sustainable development, impact and advancement of value for Africa. As an impact sector development organization, we catalyze and spur insurance and pensions ecosystem across Africa to develop, innovate and transform for the good of Africa.

Our Vision

To make Africa high impact and transformational driven Insurtech Capital of the World.

Our Mission

To Catalyse, Create, Enable, Shape, Innovate, Invent, Collaborate, Fund and Transform the Africa Insurtech eco-system for high impact returns.


  • Platform to provide thought leaders contents, resources, engagements and value driven community.

  • To spur innovation across the insurance industry

  • To encourage sustainable transformation for the good of Africa

  • To drive insurance technology innovations, research and education

  • To serve as a hub where inventors, innovators, enablers, activators meet, engage and collaborate with Insurance

  • Drive strategic innovation for insurance

  • Enable impactful application of Insurance technology

  • To serve as a rallying point to drive insurance technology dialogue and conversation

  • Provide a support system for insurance technology innovators and enthusiasts

  • Connect and Provide access to funding and capital

  • Shape culture and policy on sector innovation

  • Provide access to insurtech talent pool

  • Forge strategic partnerships and networks around the globe

  • Ensure humanity is not debased, violated, devalued neither oppressed in the course of technology advancement.

  • Be a Trans-generational trusted hub to access Insurtech Ecosystem of/in Africa

Our Core Values


we are Institutional in approach; Innovative in thinking; we are Impact driven; we uphold integrity; we drive influence; we are knowledge driven; committed at heart; we are accountable and hold others accountable; we thrive on Transparency and trans-generational in approach.


    • Institutional: We are Institutional in Approach

    • Innovation: Innovative in Thinking

    • Impact: Impact Driven in Purpose and Pursuit

    • Integrity: Uphold Integrity in all our dealings

    • Influence: We Drive Influence

    • Knowledge: We are Driven by Knowledge

    • Commitment: We are Committed at heart

    • Accountability: We are Accountable and hold others Accountable

    • Transparency: We Thrive on Transparency

    • Trans-Generational: We are Trans-generational in approach

Partnership and Inquiries:

General Inquiries: info@insurtechafrica.org
Conference Inquiries: events@insurtechafrica.org
Partnerships: Sponsors@insurtechafrica.org

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